The Final Day is a short film that traces the final hours of the life of General Liam Lynch the leader of the Anti-Treaty force at the end of the Irish Civil War. The leaders of the Anti-Treaty side are trying to meet in the foot hills of the Knockmealdown Mountains while Free State Forces are closing in on them. The film begins early on the morning of the 10th of April 1923 when soldiers arrive in the area. In the meantime Lynch and some of his men are eating breakfast unaware of the impending danger. This short film is a subset of the longer documentary The Dying Days which provides much more background and contest to the events of early 1923.

Breakfast at Houlihans.

While Lynch is having breakfast the free state soldiers are being deployed in the hills nearby. Unknown to Lynch and his men there is a very large deployment of soldiers coming the area.

Liam Lynch escapes onto the mountain but is fataly wounded and captured by free state soldiers. His comrades escape and make their way across the mountains to safety. Many of his comrades were captured in the days immediately following the shooting of Lynch.

The wounded Lynch is carried down the mountain in great pain to Nugent’s Pub where he has a very emotional conversation with Lt Clancy. Like Lynch, Clancy had also fought in the Ware Of Independence and they not find themselves on the opposite sides of the civil war conflict.

General Liam Lynch was transported to Clonmel Hospital where he died later that night. His death effectively ended the Irish Civil War on the slopes of the Knockmealdowns on the 10th of April 1923.

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