THE DYING DAYS is the working title for my next documentary that follows General Liam Lynch in the dying days of the Irish Civil War in early 1923. Liam Lynch was born in Anglesboro Co Limerick in 1893. The early life experiences of Lynch give us an insight to what drives him during the Civil War. The film begins with Lynch coming down from Dublin to meet with his commanders in West Cork in February 1923.

The next month, Lynch meets with the other leaders of the the army council at the executive meeting in March 1923 at the Nire Valley. Several of the members are in favor of ending what is now just a guerrilla war but Lynch opposes this results in a six votes to five votes decision in favor of carrying on the fight. A follow on vote is planned to take place in April at Araglin.

While en route to the meeting in Araglin the Free State Army is closing in on Lynch and his men. On the 10th of April, they have a narrow escape at the base of the Knockmealdown mountains by climbing a ravine that takes them high in the mountains. When they exit the ravine on to open mountainside Lynch is shot. His colleagues try to carry him but they have no option but to take his side arm and important documents and leave him behind.

The Free State Army bring him down to Nugent’s pub in Newcastle where he has an emotional conversation with Free State commander Lt Clancy. Both of them had fought on the same side against the Crown Forces during the War Of Independence and now they are lamenting that it has come to such a sorry ending. Lynch is transported to Clonmel and dies in hospital there that night. His death effectively ended the civil war.

The working title draws on three themes: the tit for tat killing on both sides, the dying days of the civil war, and ultimately the death of Lynch.

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